5 ways an 0800 number can improve your business


Many businesses are now using unique 0800 tracking numbers to convert more leads, increase sales and gain better business insights - and you might be missing out. Here’s why:

1. You can track better ROI

Call tracking gives you valuable information to help you determine what your Return on Investment is for different marketing campaigns. Using unique 0800 phone numbers that can be tracked can give you a clearer idea of which ads are producing the most profit. You can find out whether the call came from your Google Ads or an organic search. This can help you get a better ROI on your Google Ads spend.

2. More effective Google Ads

Google Ads don’t allow call-tracking in New Zealand so using unique tracking phone numbers, you can determine exactly which landing pages are producing calls and find out how many calls you’re receiving. This helps you tweak your online marketing for better results.

Call tracking software allows you to produce reports with information regarding the callers, call lengths and number of calls. Information produced from call tracking can give you a clearer idea of customer demographics, who they are and where they live. This lets you produce more precisely targeted advertising to reach those customers. With unique phone numbers, you’re also able to track ROI on Google Ads.

3. Improve SEO

Data from unique phone number calls can help you identify which keywords are generating the most calls. This can help you refine your SEO and focus on the keywords that are attracting customers to give you a better organic ranking.

4. No more missed calls disappearing under the radar 

You get an immediate email notification when you miss a call from a client or lead. You get the Voice Mail recording (if there is one), phone number and time missed. That way you can get back to the lead straight away.

5. More efficient staff management and training

Call tracking lets you record exactly when calls are made to your company. With this information, you can pinpoint on which days – and which hours of the day – you receive the most calls.

This can help you to schedule work hours for staff more efficiently. This can also help you focus your Google Ads budget towards the peak call hours, so you have a bigger budget for those hours.


The frontline of your business is the team that answers your phones, and you need to ensure that leads coming through are handled properly. With the ability to record the calls you can determine whether your staff is doing a good job of helping customers and converting leads. Plus, with all your calls being stored in a database, training your staff becomes easier as you can use past calls as examples.

Get 0800 Call Tracking to Close More Sales and Grow your Business

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