Artisan Restaurant

Services: Website Design & Build
Industry: Hospitality & Entertainment 


Unique approach - quality result.

For Artisan Restaurant, creating a unique and high quality meal is a number one focus. When it came to looking for a website partner to create a new site for them, they wanted a company with the same approach to a unique and high quality result.

Right from the start, we took the time to get to know the Artisan’s business. We talked through exactly how they create their amazing meals, and got to know as much about their business as we could. From setting up events and functions, creating customised menus, where they source their ingredients, and where they see their point of difference in the Wellington culinary mix.

Once we’ve soaked in as much information as possible, we presented back a framework and design that we thought would work well to present their business. We took some cues from sites that they liked, and then tweaked the design aspects to suit their particular tastes, and our identified areas that we felt strongly needed to be presented in the site.

From there, we wrote an outline of the copy to populate the site, and created a more distinct presence to really bring the Artisan story to life. We created some smart functionality for the site to allow specific Artisan staff to be able to easily update the content, keeping it fresh and easy to engage with, while allowing for some simple benefits for the restaurant, like online booking forms and loyalty programmes, which not only saved them time, but drove a greatly increase rate of reservations over the previous site.

The new site created by Right Hand Man has not only received great feedback from Artisan’s customers, but has seen a substantial increase in the number of direct bookings made in the restaurant. We believe the mark of a good website is that it delivers improved business performance. It’s safe to say Artisan Restaurant’s site certainly has certainly delivered on that.


Here’s what Artisan has to say about working with us:

“I found working with Right Hand Man to be easy, friendly and collaborative. I have never worked towards a new website before so to have Daniel leading, teaching and directing on the right directions to take it made things much easier. You dont only buy the design, you buy someone who is committed to making sure your site is accurate and performs for what you need. It is an inside out solution in that Daniel constantly reminds you of the purpose for what you are doing which is a higher level perspective than just making a good looking site.

I would have no hesitation in working with the team at RHM again or recommending anyone to use their services. It was a fun, pleasant and stress free project.”

Hadleigh McPherson
Artisan Restaurant & Bar