Flight Hauraki

Services:  Sales & Marketing Plan, Website Design & Build
Industry:  Tourism 

Preparing for take-off.

Flight Hauraki is a North Shore based scenic flight business operating one 7 seat Cessna and two 4 seat Cessna fixed wing aircraft. While the business had been supporting itself, there was significant potential for growth if owner Paul could get more ‘bums on seats’. An initial attempt at promoting the business through radio advertising had not worked and at this point Right Hand Man stepped in.

After an in-depth analysis of the business we identified a number of key opportunities that could be implemented, most at little or no cost other than a commitment of time. These included:

  • The creation of more flight package options including joint offers with other tour providers.
  • Building relationships with Auckland hotel concierges.
  • Updating website with automated booking system and improved search engine optimisation.

The creation and naming of more flight options has not only given customers a wider choice, it has made it faster and easier to narrow down exactly what flight was of interest.

Getting in front of concierges was also important. We created a new presentation and contracted an experienced presenter to both arrange and front appointments. The feedback was outstanding with one concierge calling it “the best presentation he had ever seen.”

Right Hand Man also built the new website from scratch, giving it a cleaner look, making it easier to navigate and adding an online booking capability. Search engine optimisation was also dramatically improved with Flight Hauraki now on the first Google page when ‘Scenic Flights Auckland’ is searched.

Since implementing recommendations of the Right Hand Man Sales and Marketing Plan, Flight Hauraki has seen a steady increase in sales and owner Paul has also acquired Air Discovery, another scenic flight business which has further added to growth.


Here's What Flight Hauraki has to say about working with us:

“I knew aviation inside out, but marketing was a foreign language to me. Thankfully the guys at Right Hand Man made it easy. They gave me a detailed plan that was easy to follow, cost effective and it’s made a real difference to my business.”

Paul McSherry
Flight Hauraki