NZ Laser Training

Services:  Business Positioning, Action Plan and eDM Template.
Industry: Health and Wellbeing

NZ Laser Training

NZ Laser Training is New Zealand’s foremost authority on laser education, providing high-quality educational pathways for Doctors, Nurses, Beauty Therapists and Laser Technicians.

Right Hand Man met with founder, Ruth Nicolson, and completed a Business Positioning and Marketing Action Plan for her business.

Ruth’s most pressing point of business at that time was the upcoming Beauty Tech Conference 2018 to be held in May. That only gave us three months to get a marketing programme into place to sell tickets, so this was our sole focus.

Our primary objective was to get as many delegates from her existing database to register for the two-day event.


The Campaign


Electronic Direct Mail, or eDMs, were the obvious way to communicate with the database, so we set a program in place of sending out one eDM a week in the run up to Beauty Tech. Subject lines were changed out in every eDM. For example:

(SUBJECT) >> Don’t forget to book your Beauty Tech seat
(SUBJECT) >>Don’t miss Dr Iona Weir – breakthrough biochemist

While conference registration details remained the same at the footer of all the eDMs, content changed each week, as we featured a different speaker, their area of expertise and their talk topic. We stressed that conferences are an opportunity to network with peers from around the country and have some fun while doing so.


Text messages

Armed with mobile phone numbers, we also executed several text campaigns to the same database, adding weight to the eDM campaign.

Hot leads

Because we could see who had clicked on and read the eDMs, but hadn’t registered for Beauty Tech, we were able to send Ruth a ‘hot leads’ list so she could follow up in person with a phone call.


Direct Mail

We wrote and designed a compelling A4 Direct Mail piece for Ruth to ‘snail mail’ out to the database 2-3 weeks before the conference. This reiterated key reasons why people should attend.


Web Banner

We made a banner for the NZ Laser Training web. When site visitors clicked on this they could register for Beauty Tech and purchase tickets.


DLE Flyer

We wrote and designed a DLE flyer for Ruth to have on the NZ Laser stand at the conference, promoting her services.

The Results

With more than 80 delegates attending, Beauty Tech 2018 was judged a great success. Over the two days, everything ran smoothly, the speakers and the quality of their information was compelling and well-received by attendees, many speakers receiving rave reviews.

And while Ruth was understandably exhausted by the end of the conference, she was very happy with the results!



“I always knew I needed a right-hand man; a side kick team to run ideas past, keep me focused and to help me see through the fog of running my business, then I met Richard and Ange at Righthandman Marketing and discovered that they are fun to work with, and they could help me plan and implement some changes to my business. They each have different strengths and those filled in some blanks for me, together we worked to make my event a success and created an updated website which lead to a smoother sales process and positive feedback from new clients.”

Ruth Nicholson
Founder, NZ Laser Training