Advertising and promotional material that's affordable and works.

When it comes to advertising your business, there is one criteria that should be considered above all others. Did it work!

In the past, this hasn’t always been clear, but with new technologies and a good understanding of marketing principles, there is no reason why we can’t measure and define what advertising activity works for you. New technologies also allow small businesses to achieve fantastic results from smaller budgets.

With the right approach and understanding of what works for your business, small business owners can now invest in advertising with confidence that it will provide a positive return.  We seek to work with businesses to understand their audience, their key messages and their return on investment (ROI) requirements, so that we can create advertising that delivers real value back to the business.

what do you want your advertising or promotional efforts to deliver?

Before we start an advertising campaign, we’d like to know what happens when we get a response. How are enquiries dealt with? What happens if we get a LOT of enquiries? Is there an ideal number of leads? Who exactly do we want to contact us? Why them? What do we need a campaign to deliver?

Once we have clarity about your specific audience, and what action we want them to take, we can focus on creating an ad to actually deliver it. If you have low capacity for calls, then we don’t want to bombard you with a lot – that will only disappoint your potential customers. If you have a lot of capacity, we still need to ensure that the people we bring in are the right type of customer.

Before we go live with any ad, we’ll ensure that we have some processes in place to identify what brought each enquiry into the business. We want to know what prompted them to contact us, what that cost us, how much they spent and how it compares to other advertising options. Only then can we ensure that any advertising and promotion activity is generating a positive ROI.

a wealth of Advertising experience

Right Hand Man’s staff have years’ of experience within the advertising industry with a focus on delivering specific results for their clients. Our approach is to always understand your business, and importantly your ideal customers, in order to create advertising that delivers for your business. Our experience includes the development of practically any type of advertising or promotional element including; brochures/flyers, sales collateral, vehicle signage, trade show displays, direct marketing, online advertising (Adwords, website banner advertising, social media etc), print ads (press and magazine), radio, outdoor (billboards, bus backs, adshels etc), cinema ads and TV.

Our services: