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Specialist marketing support

All businesses deserve specialist marketing support. We're here to provide it.

We believe in the power of good quality marketing to drive bottom line results. Marketing support that's specifically tailored to suit the needs of smaller sized business and aligned to the unique goals of the business owner. Which is why we created Right Hand Man.

We’re here to help small businesses make smart marketing decisions with their smaller budgets. We find out what makes a business different and we help them hammer home that advantage to boost the bottom line. Which means more success for our clients and endless satisfaction for us.

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We're a specialist marketing company, specifically created to support the marketing needs of small businesses and small business owners. Our focus is always on delivering a great outcome that delivers real return on investment. 

We don't believe in ongoing contracts, or in locking our clients into expensive solutions. We like proving ourselves, so if you don't get a great outcome working with us, we expect you to leave. We would. This approach keeps our focus on helping you succeed. 

If that sounds like the type of marketing support you're looking for, get in touch, or take a look around our site and the type of work we can do for you.

NINE specialist marketing services - purpose built to support the needs of small businesses.

We’ve broken down the key components of good marketing into our nine key marketing services

We’ve divided up these services so our clients can select just the ones that are most relevant to their business right now. Why? Because we’ll always ensure you’re spending your hard-earned cash in areas that will deliver you the very best result.



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Our team at Right Hand Man have had many years of experience in the marketing and advertising industries, and have many case studies to demonstrate that we deliver for our clients. If you think your small business could benefit from more effective marketing, or aren’t sure if your marketing is performing as well as it could, it would be worth talking to us. We offer a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your business, and provide our thoughts on how your marketing activity could be improved. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.

* In case you’re wondering, Statistics New Zealand defines a small business as one with 1 to 19 staff. We specialise in working with businesses with 1 to 50 staff. We do work with the odd larger business, where they like to work to small business principals – like being fast, efficient, and focused on results. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion to see if we can help your business.