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Grow your business with our 9 core marketing services

At Right Hand Man, we’ve created eight core marketing services that we believe combine to provide your business with powerful marketing structures and strategies, that will help your small business grow. We focus on helping business owners and managers apply sound marketing actions to make a big difference to both their sales and bottom line.

You’ll see our core nine services listed below. We’ve deliberately segmented our services into these areas to allow our clients to be able to pick and choose those services that are going to make the most immediate improvement to their business. It’s an approach that allows our clients to work steadily towards marketing expertise, ensuring that it’s not breaking the bank while they get there.

It’s important to spend your marketing budget in the right areas, for the right reasons, to deliver the right results. But it’s also important to spend when you can afford it.

For an exact outline of what we provide with each of our services, please read on below.


Effective Marketing Manager

Ongoing Marketing expertise  |  Lower overheads  |  better results


Effective marketing means lower expenditure and better results.

When it comes to investing in marketing, many small business owners don’t know where to start. For many, the logical first step is to employ a staff member with training and experience in marketing. On the surface this seems like a good idea, but if you don’t have enough budget for this new staff member to implement new activity, they may not end up as effective as you’re hoping, and we’ve seen too many businesses make this simple error.

Take this simple example. Let’s say you decide to make a serious commitment into marketing your business, and set aside a generous budget of $6,000 per month ($72,000 per annum). To get a reasonable marketing manager, even on a part-time basis, you’re likely to need to pay at least $40,000 per annum, so now you only have $32,000 left. By the time you take out the associated costs with providing computers, business cards, phones, vehicles (or travel allowances), your marketing budget is soon diminished, and your new marketing manager has little funds left with which to do their job.

As an alternative, we provide our Effective Marketing Manager service, which is specifically created to help businesses maximise their marketing budgets. The intent is to help you keep as much of your marketing funds being used in areas that will provide a direct return on investment back to your business.

Keeping everything on track.

The Effective Marketing Manager service is designed so that we meet with you each month to identify the best approach to marketing your business. We identify the opportunities for your business upfront, and set out an annualised plan dependant on your marketing and promotional budget. From here (in conjunction with our Advertising and Promotion services) we can direct significantly more funds into promoting your business, and drive greater sales enquiry, along with helping you to convert more of these leads into sales (see our Sales and Marketing Plans section above for an outline of how we do this). This gives your business a far better return on its sales and marketing investment, and allows your business to achieve it’s growth objectives far more rapidly.

Get an effective marketing manager for your business

The internal resources that Right Hand Man can bring to your business, means that for a lot less than the cost of a marketing manager, you get access to a broad range of skill sets, and experts across the marketing spectrum, including; sales and marketing planning and strategy, copywriting, creative development and production, design, website development, online promotion, business positioning, and general business advice (from people who own and run their own business).


Business Positioning

message cut-through  |  Staff engagement  |  Improved conversion


Positioning your business gives customers a reason to choose you.

Positioning a business is just as important as having a good location, quality staff or a quality service or product.

Defining your business position isn't just a matter of saying we have the best service or best pricing - those are nice, but they're also things that can be easily replicated or improved upon by your competitors. Real positioning is about defining a meaningful difference for your business that allows prospective customers to choose to engage with your business instead of your competitors.

Having a defined position allows you to be clear about who your ideal customer is (and who they are not) and tailor your message to suit their specific needs. When done well, a clear point of difference makes it easier to sell your products or services, and helps you to build more loyal customers. It even helps you to keep your advertising costs to a minimum.

We find the business difference that works best for you.

One of the challenges in positioning your business is you’re often too close to see your key differences. You may also view your business through rose tinted glasses! As a result you may believe you are more unique than you actually are.

At Right Hand Man we define a business position by taking our clients through a proven process that enables us to identify possible points of difference about any business over its competitors. Our business positioning service will help you to communicate your business with greater effectiveness and cut-through, allow you to convert sales opportunities more effectively, and help align your staff actions to your message.

Watch our video on positioning your business.


Sales & Marketing Plans

marketing strategies  |  sales opportunities  |  actionable plans


Sales and marketing planning for a winning business.

A good sales and marketing plan can allow a business to identify and maximise its strengths while outlining and correcting any weaknesses. The issue is that many businesses don’t have the expertise to write this plan in the first place.

Enter Right Hand Man. We provide New Zealand’s small businesses with exactly this type of support. We provide a marketing structure that’s aligned to a businesses overall objectives and we create a plan that is tailored to the unique needs of both their business, industry and current financial position.

How do your customers engage with your business?

We believe the most effective Sales and Marketing Plan focuses on how a customer engages with a business. For example, how they find out about you, how they contact you, how you sell to them and so on. This approach puts us in your customers shoes and allows us to identify opportunities for improvement – to ensure more sales leads and a better rate of conversion. A good sales and marketing plan is also far more than a simple promotional calendar of activity, or breakdown of how you should spend your marketing funds, it will enable you to make decisions across the spectrum of your business, so that your customer’s experience is consistently excellent.

Creating a plan you can understand - and put into action!

We’ll give you a plan that helps you find new customers and highlights ways you can increase revenue from the customers you already have. We’ll find out which customers are best for your business and we’ll show you how to reach them. We’ll review your sales process, and make suggestions that will increase your effectiveness and profitability. The comprehensive plan comes with a ‘to-do’ list and a set of timelines, making it easy for you to follow so you can make the most of your opportunities. Your action plan will be tailored to your business, so the list of actions is affordable and realistic for your current situation, while providing a path for managing future growth.


Advertising & Promotion

advertising  |  Point of sale  |  creative ideas  |  return on investment


Advertising and promotional material that's affordable and works.

When it comes to advertising your business, there is one criteria that should be considered above all others. Did it work!

In the past, this hasn’t always been clear, but with new technologies and a good understanding of marketing principles, there is no reason why we can’t measure and define what advertising activity works for you. New technologies also allow small businesses to achieve fantastic results from smaller budgets.

With the right approach and understanding of what works for your business, small business owners can now invest in advertising with confidence that it will provide a positive return.  We seek to work with businesses to understand their audience, their key messages and their return on investment (ROI) requirements, so that we can create advertising that delivers real value back to the business.

what do you want your advertising or promotional efforts to deliver?

Before we start an advertising campaign, we’d like to know what happens when we get a response. How are enquiries dealt with? What happens if we get a LOT of enquiries? Is there an ideal number of leads? Who exactly do we want to contact us? Why them? What do we need a campaign to deliver?

Once we have clarity about your specific audience, and what action we want them to take, we can focus on creating an ad to actually deliver it. If you have low capacity for calls, then we don’t want to bombard you with a lot – that will only disappoint your potential customers. If you have a lot of capacity, we still need to ensure that the people we bring in are the right type of customer.

Before we go live with any ad, we’ll ensure that we have some processes in place to identify what brought each enquiry into the business. We want to know what prompted them to contact us, what that cost us, how much they spent and how it compares to other advertising options. Only then can we ensure that any advertising and promotion activity is generating a positive ROI.

a wealth of Advertising experience

Right Hand Man’s staff have years’ of experience within the advertising industry with a focus on delivering specific results for their clients. Our approach is to always understand your business, and importantly your ideal customers, in order to create advertising that delivers for your business. Our experience includes the development of practically any type of advertising or promotional element including; brochures/flyers, sales collateral, vehicle signage, trade show displays, direct marketing, online advertising (Adwords, website banner advertising, social media etc), print ads (press and magazine), radio, outdoor (billboards, bus backs, adshels etc), cinema ads and TV.


Website Design & Development

Website design  |  Website Development  |  Website content


Website design and content that gets noticed 

When it comes to being seen by your customers, we believe it’s critical for most businesses to have a website that demonstrates clearly their offer to all potential customers. While there are many small businesses in New Zealand that don’t have a website (as many as 63% according to some research), what we find really disappointing are the poor outcomes that some businesses achieve when they finally do get a site created.

Most website developers focus their attention on the design and functionality of the website, but do little in the way of supporting the development of good quality content to fill it with. This seems to us a little like building a great looking sports car, complete with a powerful engine, and then not bothering to provide the seats and steering wheel. It looks great at first glance, but you quickly discover it’s fairly hopeless at achieving the type of results you want. It can also be incredibly frustrating for the business owner who suddenly realises they have to write an entire website's worth of content and find the images.

We take a different approach that seeks to combine both great design and functionality, with a clear consideration to the content that fills the pages of the site. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, to get the results from your website that you’re looking for.

Get a website that answers your customers questions.

We have an expectation that when we create a site for a client, that the site will not only provide a good framework that is easy for your customers to find what they are looking for, but that the content on the site (text, photos, video etc) will be simple to understand and clearly identify why I would want to do business with you.

Every person who visits a website comes to it with a question of some sort in their head. How much is this widget? Where is your nearest store? What’s the difference between your product and your competitors? There are literally hundreds of possible questions. Our approach is to try to understand the types of questions that might typically be asked by your potential customers, and then formulate the content of the site, to most effectively answer these questions in a way that makes them easy and logical to find for any person visiting your site.

make sure your customers can find your website.

While the content is extremely important, you’re also going to want to know that you’ll be found on search engines like Google. Again, the quality of the content on your site plays a major role in getting your site found. There are a number of great articles that outline what you need to do on your site to get the best possible rankings on Google, but they all recommend that you focus on great content, that provides real value to your audience. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t create a good site structure, and include valuable meta-tag, keyword and page description information to help your rankings – you should, and we do. But, if the content has no value to your customers, or doesn’t explain your business, the search engine performance of your site (known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) will never reach its potential.


Inbound Marketing

Blogs  | Newsletters  |  Social Media


Inbound marketing that gets you more leads for less

For many, inbound marketing may seem a relatively new concept. And while elements of inbound marketing have been around for some time, this type of marketing activity was only termed ‘inbound marketing’ in 2005. But just what is inbound marketing? And what, as a small business-owner, can it do for you?

In essence, inbound marketing attracts customers to you, rather than you spending time and money chasing customers with traditional advertising. We all know traditional advertising media ( TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.) can be expensive. Campaigns using these media are often beyond the budget of small businesses. Or they gobble up a significant chunk of your budget, and you’re left wondering just what did it achieve?


While traditional advertising will always have its place, at Right Hand Man, we believe Inbound Marketing is one of the most valuable tools in the small business marketing arsenal. That’s because it’s not only extremely cost-effective, it’s also highly measurable so you know just how much Bang you get for your Buck.

New technologies (e.g. smartphones), coupled with the spread of the internet, means inbound marketing has become one of the most effective and efficient ways to attract and retain customers. And not just any customer, but customers who are a best fit with your business.  (NOTE: Did you know, it has been forecast that in 2018 New Zealand will have 90% smartphone and 78% tablet ownership levels).


Become a thought leader in your field

With inbound marketing, Right Hand Man can create awareness for your business and help attract more of the right type of customer to your business. We can help make you a ‘thought leader’ within your field so your expertise is sought out. So let’s take a closer look at how we use inbound marketing to achieve this. There are five pillars to effective inbound marketing.

With inbound marketing, Right Hand Man can create awareness for your business and help attract more of the right type of customer to your business. We can help make you a ‘thought leader’ within your field so your expertise is sought out. So let’s take a closer look at how we use inbound marketing to achieve this. There are five pillars to effective inbound marketing.


Firstly, you need to attract the attention of your target market. To do that, you need to know what their interests are. We conduct research to find out what your prospects are looking for online. Once we know what they like, we write to that, attracting them with compelling content. One way to do this is through blogging. We use your blog content to feed social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn), which is an excellent way to find prospects.

We also make sure you are using the right keywords and that your web pages are optimised for search so potential customers can find you easily. At Right Hand Man, we use inbound marketing to turn web strangers into visitors, and visitors into followers. One way we do this is through blogging - we write monthly or fortnightly blogs for many of our clients to ensure they remain relevant to their customers and keep customers engaged.


The next step is to convert visitors using a Call to Cation (CTA). For example, we can create a landing page and ask visitors to provide personal information (such as an email address) in exchange for something they want (such as a free e-book on a topic they are interested in). With this step, we can track which conversion tools work best for you.


Just as in personal selling, closing a sale can be a long and patient process. Research shows it can take 7 to 14 touches to convert a lead into a sale. When you prioritise your leads, we can help move them through the sales process using a series of emails. Again, we can track your conversion tools to identify those that work best.


Your inbound marketing doesn’t stop when a sale has been made. We now have the opportunity to nurture the customer and reassure them that purchasing from you was the right decision. We do this using your website, email and social media channels, continuing to offer content that keeps them engaged. We believe delighting your customers is the best way to keep them coming back and turning them in to lasting customers.


The final step in the inbound cycle is analysing your data. We will show you what customers are responding to best, and what we can change to improve results. This will help you stay relevant to customers, keeping them engaged so they get to know you, your brand and your product offerings. Ultimately, they come to trust you and become advocates for your business.


Digital Marketing Manager

Google Adwords  | Google Analytics  | Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)  |  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Digital Marketing Manager

Why do digital? Not because it’s cool. Or because it’s the latest and greatest. But because digital marketing can provide an extremely cost-effective way to reach your potential customers and then keep them. And unlike many forms of traditional media, you can track how effective it is – so there’s no more guessing about your return on investment.

Google Adwords.

In simple terms, you’ll get found on Google in two ways. By organic search – that’s how Google ranks your site according their specific own criteria. Or by placing Google Adwords. At Right Hand Man we can create Google Adwords campaigns to suit the size of your budget. And importantly, we’ll make sure the message is right for the right type of people. We’ll manage the entire process, report on the results and then suggest changes to keep improving performance. And unlike lots of other companies we won’t lock you into a long term contract.

Google Analytics.

Plenty of small businesses have a website, but very few know how they’re performing. Often because small business owners don’t have the time or inclination to wade through the data collected by tools like Google Analytics. We believe that if you’re going to be online, you need to know what happens when people visit you. At Right Hand Man we can put together a jargon free monthly report that gives you a detailed understanding of what’s happening on your site. And more importantly we’ll make recommendations that will improve your sites performance.

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

If you have a database of customers, the humble email is a great way to promote your services, advertise specific offers, get feedback or just communicate in general. Of course we don’t mean just typing away and hitting send. We mean designing you a high impact piece of marketing that fits with your brand’s look and feel, and has well written message that maximises the chance of achieving the desired result.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There’s no point building your online presence if nobody can find you. Which is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. At Right Hand Man we give you impactful, well-written content that connects to your desired audience, but we’ll also make sure it connects with what Google is looking for. And we’ll do all the techy backend stuff to make it happen. We also keep up-to-date with Google’s regular SEO adjustments and we can adapt your site to suit. Click here for more details on Website Design and Development service


Brand Identity

Logo design  |  Brand Guidelines  |  Promotional Templates


Logo and brand identity design to make your business stand out.

When it comes to creating impact for your business, it’s hard to ignore the need for good logo design and a brand identity structure. Right or wrong, most people make their first impression of your business based on what they see – and for most businesses, what they see first is your logo.

Good businesses understand that good brand identity is a valuable part of their business, reflecting the fundamental offer of your business, and demonstrating elements as broad as your pricing, professionalism, and attention to detail. While a quality brand identity platform can be extremely valuable to your business, it doesn’t have to come at great expense.

A logo that reflects your business.

In the first instance, good logo design and brand identity work should reflect your business. It should also, where appropriate, give you a defined structure on how the elements within and around your brand should be used to ensure consistency of how your business is presented. Some businesses, will require only the development of a logo, others will require this to be expanded into stationery elements like business cards, letterhead, and presentation templates. Still more will require a broad range of identity elements including vehicle graphics, building signage, in-store concepts, website design, and advertising and sales collateral templates.

A simple logo? A full-on brand ID kit? We deliver what’s needed.

Right Hand Man’s approach is to provide our clients with a tiered pricing structure built around the business requirements for logo and brand identity elements. We work with our clients to understand the likely usage requirements of a new logo, defining the supporting brand identity elements that they might need.  Once defined, we provide a pricing and development structure that suits their design requirements and their budget. Our Brand Identity services include support in creating a business or product name, logo and brand design, application into multiple usage elements, and output in both printed and digital file types, including supply of a brand guidelines document where required.


Advise & Act Programme

business support  |  regular meetings  |  action focused  


Take action on your business with our Advise and Act Programme.

Business owners are often seen to have the envious position of only having themselves to answer to. While this is one of the great things about running your own business, the reality is often that because you’re only answerable to yourself, it becomes easier to put off the things that really need to be done in the business. Good planning and process development often take a back seat to dealing with the here and now. The problem with this approach is that businesses often fail to get past a certain point, and don’t reach their full potential. In a corporate business, a board structure solves this issue by ensuring that the CEO stays focused on the growth plans, and other goals of the business, and takes steps each month to ensure the achievement of those goals.

We believe that small businesses need to consider the same type of support structure, by bringing together a group of individuals (it could be just two) to define the goals of a business, and then define the steps to be implemented each month in order to achieve them.

we’ll keep you on track with your marketing and business plans.

Our Advise and Act Programme aims to work with small business owners to help them focus on the goals of their business, and then meet with them each month to define the necessary steps to be taken each month. We discuss problems and opportunities, talk through future goals and explore any other business issues they’re dealing with. Then we work together to define the best way to proceed over the coming months, setting specific tasks and projects each month to keep you heading in the right direction.

As the name says, we’ll be your Right Hand Man.

Right Hand Man provide this support with staff who actually own and manage their own business, so they’re not just speaking from theory, but from actual experience. We understand the difficulty in managing multiple areas of a business, and the need to stay on top of the day to day, but we’ve also seen the benefit of focusing on your business to achieve a specific outcome. We’ll help keep you focused on the big picture for your business to ensure you achieve the outcomes that you want from your business.