Making the most of Trade Shows


Most of us know, Trade Shows are an important sales and marketing tool.  They’re an effective and compelling way for businesses to engage their target market, raise brand awareness, launch new products, build databases and network within their industry.

As importantly, they are also an important source of sales, both during and after the show. That means monitoring the ROI of a show is key.

How can Right Hand Man help?

At Right Hand Man, we regularly help clients prepare for trade shows by providing compelling stand design, point-of-sale material, show-specific copy and collateral, competitions to gather emails, and promotions to generate sales. Some of the trade shows we have helped clients with include:

  • Beauty Tech
  • NZPI Town Planning Conference
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • ISNZ Conference
  • Catholic Education Convention
  • Water New Zealand Conference & Expo
  • NZ Beauty Expo
  • Fit Ex
  • Auckland Home Show
  • Auckland Food Show
  • Business North Harbour Expo

Before you go to your next trade show, consider the following points. Then get in contact with us to see how we can help.

10 commandments for Trade Shows

1. Make Your Display Stand Out

Don’t underestimate the power of bold design to attract attention. Consider having a marketing company or design studio design your booth backdrop and layout. Digital printing is affordable and, planned well, can be used at subsequent trade shows.

Develop a video or slideshow presentation to display on TV monitors in your booth. Your visitors will find this visually appealing, and it will draw their attention.


2. Smile and Welcome Your Visitors

It goes without saying, be friendly and inviting. Say "Hi" to those that turn and look toward you or your trade show booth. Smile – it’s contagious.


3. Food Goodies are always a Big Hit

Have chocolates or sweets on the stand – you’ll find people will visit your stand and then come back for more, which is always an opportunity to talk to them again. 


4. Have a Prize Draw to gather emails

When they enter the draw, have visitors provide their email. The great thing about gathering this information is that you can then use it to make contact later.


5. Look sharp... be sharp... And be kind...

Be assertive and talk to everyone. Don't sit down. Don't leave drinks and food around the booth. Be kind to everyone: visitors, other exhibitors, tradeshow staff – you never know what you’ll get in return.


6. Start with two questions:


Do you find (the problem your product solves) challenging?

Example at Food Trade Show: “Do you find good food hygiene challenging?”

“Let me tell you about something that can make your life, and your employee’s lives, easier…”


7. Look for opportunities to increase your presence

Make sure your company is well-represented at formal and informal trade show events. E.g. drinks and dinners.


8. Walk around and mingle. Compare your efforts with those of your competitors

Walk around the show floor and talk to people. If there are tables for visitors, leave your flyer on them. People may approach you afterwards.

Check out your competitor’s booths and displays. Read their collateral and watch their videos. Check out their products, services and offers.


9. Swap leads

Swap leads with every other vendor at the trade show. Why? If you get 1800 business cards, and they do also, now you have 3600 cards to follow up with.


10. Follow up on leads

Respond to all requests as quickly as you can. Even better, set appointments during the show so you are on your prospect’s calendar. Get back in touch with people quickly. Have a notepad so you can take notes. Follow-up quickly after the event. Think about your follow-up process before the event takes place, not afterward.


Got a Trade Show coming up?

For your next trade show, Right Hand Man can help you put your best foot forward, outshine your competition, generate leads and make sales. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.