Catchlights Photography

Services:  Business Positioning, Advise & Act Programme
Industry:  Professional 


Taking a better shot at business.

There’s no more powerful advertising than word-of-mouth. As so Katrina Weidner from Catchlights Photography approached Right Hand Man, after she’d been recommended to us by our photographer client Zoe Lyle from Violet Sky.

Katrina specialises in commercial photography. But while the work was coming in, she wanted to ramp up business, so it would become her full-time job allowing her to spent more time doing what she loves best – taking amazing shots.

We started with our Business Positioning workshop, which gave her the base to communicate her points of difference and how she delivers it. In the first instance this communication was delivered via her website.

After completing this work we are now engaging with her in our ongoing Advise and Act Programme which has helped her secure more work and helped her achieve her goal – full time work on her own business.


Here's What Catchlights has to say about working with us:

“Right Hand Man has been a great source of guidance and advice for me. From the initial development of my Brand Position to the regular conceptual meetings, all has been an interesting, rewarding and helpful journey, bringing me closer to my business goals.”

Katrina Weidner,
Catchlights Photography