Better marketing for better business performance

Grow your business with our 9 core marketing services

At Right Hand Man, we’ve created nine core marketing services that we believe combine to provide your business with powerful marketing structures and strategies, that will help your small business grow. We focus on helping business owners and managers apply sound marketing actions to make a big difference to both their sales and bottom line.

You’ll see our core nine services listed below. We’ve deliberately segmented our services into these areas to allow our clients to be able to pick and choose those services that are going to make the most immediate improvement to their business. It’s an approach that allows our clients to work steadily towards marketing expertise, ensuring that it’s not breaking the bank while they get there.

It’s important to spend your marketing budget in the right areas, for the right reasons, to deliver the right results. But it’s also important to spend when you can afford it.

For an exact outline of what we provide with each of our services, please read on below.