Services: Business Positioning, Action Plan, Website Content (Copy and Photography), Brand ID
Industry: Human Resources

Right Hand Man met with ProgressionHR as they were after some help to understand their brand proposition and what set them apart from competitors.  We knew we could help them and engaged a few of our services tailored just for them.  First of all, we wanted to know more about the ProgressionHR team and the work they do, why they do it and what their future goals were – so we started with our Business Positioning services… What emerged was ProgressionHR’s strong belief in that; the right job can change your life. They love what they do and get no greater satisfaction than to know someone they placed is flourishing in their job and that the company is happy with their new hire. We quickly realised how genuine and committed they are to their business and that they truly are some of the best HR recruiters in the country.  

After completing the business positioning it was clear that a brand refresh would be beneficial for them. We designed a new, sleek and modern logo and had new photography taken for their website to replace the black and white imagery they had previously. All of their content was written to build on their SEO, position their business and emphasise their passion and dedication to HR recruitment.

A new look meant they needed new tools! So, Right Hand Man redesigned all of their in-house documents and we had new folders designed and printed for them to hand out to clients and candidates.

With everything coming together ProgressionHR wanted a way to regularly keep in touch with contacts and share their news and thoughts about what’s happening in the world of HR.  Right Hand Man are now helping them send out bi-monthly newsletters.  There’s been a bit of a buzz around these emails and they’ve been really well received within their network.

Overall, ProgressionHR was a fantastic project for Right Hand Man. We worked really closely with the team, and when our clients are busy and happy, we are too



“The team at Right Hand Man are genuinely passionate about helping our business grow.  They have brought a fresh perspective and offered invaluable insights around our brand and positioning. We really enjoy working with them and the enthusiasm and energy they bring. 

We are delighted with the partnership we’re forming with Right Hand Man.”

Laura & Kelly