Sales and marketing planning for a winning business.

A good sales and marketing plan can allow a business to identify and maximise its strengths while outlining and correcting any weaknesses. The issue is that many businesses don’t have the expertise to write this plan in the first place.

Enter Right Hand Man. We provide New Zealand’s small businesses with exactly this type of support. We provide a marketing structure that’s aligned to a businesses overall objectives and we create a plan that is tailored to the unique needs of both their business, industry and current financial position.

How do your customers engage with your business?

We believe the most effective Sales and Marketing Plan focuses on how a customer engages with a business. For example, how they find out about you, how they contact you, how you sell to them and so on. This approach puts us in your customers shoes and allows us to identify opportunities for improvement – to ensure more sales leads and a better rate of conversion. A good sales and marketing plan is also far more than a simple promotional calendar of activity, or breakdown of how you should spend your marketing funds, it will enable you to make decisions across the spectrum of your business, so that your customer’s experience is consistently excellent.

Creating a plan you can understand - and put into action!

We’ll give you a plan that helps you find new customers and highlights ways you can increase revenue from the customers you already have. We’ll find out which customers are best for your business and we’ll show you how to reach them. We’ll review your sales process, and make suggestions that will increase your effectiveness and profitability. The comprehensive plan comes with a ‘to-do’ list and a set of timelines, making it easy for you to follow so you can make the most of your opportunities. Your action plan will be tailored to your business, so the list of actions is affordable and realistic for your current situation, while providing a path for managing future growth.

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