Logo and brand identity design to make your business stand out.

When it comes to creating impact for your business, it’s hard to ignore the need for good logo design and a brand identity structure. Right or wrong, most people make their first impression of your business based on what they see – and for most businesses, what they see first is your logo.

Good businesses understand that good brand identity is a valuable part of their business, reflecting the fundamental offer of your business, and demonstrating elements as broad as your pricing, professionalism, and attention to detail. While a quality brand identity platform can be extremely valuable to your business, it doesn’t have to come at great expense.

A logo that reflects your business.

In the first instance, good logo design and brand identity work should reflect your business. It should also, where appropriate, give you a defined structure on how the elements within and around your brand should be used to ensure consistency of how your business is presented. Some businesses, will require only the development of a logo, others will require this to be expanded into stationery elements like business cards, letterhead, and presentation templates. Still more will require a broad range of identity elements including vehicle graphics, building signage, in-store concepts, website design, and advertising and sales collateral templates.

A simple logo? A full-on brand ID kit? We deliver what’s needed.

Right Hand Man’s approach is to provide our clients with a tiered pricing structure built around the business requirements for logo and brand identity elements. We work with our clients to understand the likely usage requirements of a new logo, defining the supporting brand identity elements that they might need.  Once defined, we provide a pricing and development structure that suits their design requirements and their budget. Our Brand Identity services include support in creating a business or product name, logo and brand design, application into multiple usage elements, and output in both printed and digital file types, including supply of a brand guidelines document where required.

Our services: