Effective marketing means lower expenditure and better results.

When it comes to investing in marketing, many small business owners don’t know where to start. For many, the logical first step is to employ a staff member with training and experience in marketing. On the surface this seems like a good idea, but if you don’t have enough budget for this new staff member to implement new activity, they may not end up as effective as you’re hoping, and we’ve seen too many businesses make this simple error.

Take this simple example. Let’s say you decide to make a serious commitment into marketing your business, and set aside a generous budget of $6,000 per month ($72,000 per annum). To get a reasonable marketing manager, even on a part-time basis, you’re likely to need to pay at least $40,000 per annum, so now you only have $32,000 left. By the time you take out the associated costs with providing computers, business cards, phones, vehicles (or travel allowances), your marketing budget is soon diminished, and your new marketing manager has little funds left with which to do their job.

As an alternative, we provide our Effective Marketing Manager service, which is specifically created to help businesses maximise their marketing budgets. The intent is to help you keep as much of your marketing funds being used in areas that will provide a direct return on investment back to your business.

Keeping everything on track.

The Effective Marketing Manager service is designed so that we meet with you each month to identify the best approach to marketing your business. We identify the opportunities for your business upfront, and set out an annualised plan dependant on your marketing and promotional budget. From here (in conjunction with our Advertising and Promotion services) we can direct significantly more funds into promoting your business, and drive greater sales enquiry, along with helping you to convert more of these leads into sales (see our Sales and Marketing Plans section above for an outline of how we do this). This gives your business a far better return on its sales and marketing investment, and allows your business to achieve it’s growth objectives far more rapidly.

Get an effective marketing manager for your business

The internal resources that Right Hand Man can bring to your business, means that for a lot less than the cost of a marketing manager, you get access to a broad range of skill sets, and experts across the marketing spectrum, including; sales and marketing planning and strategy, copywriting, creative development and production, design, website development, online promotion, business positioning, and general business advice (from people who own and run their own business).

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