Business positioning and why it matters



Defining why your potential customers should choose you.

Business positioning is really just the marketing industry's fancy way of asking the following question:  

What is it about your business that causes your customers to choose you?

Defining your business position isn't just a matter of saying we have the best service or best pricing - those are nice, but they're also things that can be easily replicated or improved upon by your competitors. Real positioning is about defining a meaningful difference for your business that allows prospective customers to choose to engage with your business instead of your competitors.

Having a defined position allows you to be clear about who your ideal customer is (and who they are not) and tailor your message to suit their specific needs. When done well, a clear point of difference makes it easier to sell your products or services, and helps you to build more loyal customers. It even helps you to keep your advertising costs to a minimum.

Can you define why your customers choose you?

One of the challenges in positioning your business is you’re often too close to see your key differences. You may also view your business through rose tinted glasses! As a result you may believe you are more unique than you actually are. Worse still, you may have a compelling point of difference and yet not be aware of it. 

We help our clients define their business position through a workshop process that enables us to identify possible points of difference about a business over its competitors. We then write up your business story to help you to communicate your business with greater effectiveness and cut-through, allowing you to convert sales opportunities more effectively.