Gain an effective marketing manager for your small business.

Manage your marketing activity better and save money in the process.

If your business has a fairly consistent, and fairly modest advertising or marketing spend, you may have thought about employing a marketing manager to oversee all your activity. But before you commit to another salary, take a look at our Effective Marketing Manager service. 

more marketing performance, less marketing cost.

We've specifically designed a service to give you all the benefits of having a marketing manager on tap, but without the bulky salary overhead. So if the worst should happen, you can reduce your costs immediately. Better yet, because our costs are so much lower than a salary, and include many services that typical marketing managers can provide, much more of your marketing funds are able to be spent making sure you attract more customers. 

Best of all, instead of employing one individual, you get access to many minds, with a broad range of skill sets. Experts across the marketing spectrum, including; sales and marketing planning and strategy, copywriting, creative development and production, design, website development, online promotion, business positioning, and general business advice (from people who own and run their own business). Ask us how an Effective Marketing Manager can work for you today.