Services: Business Positioning, Brand Identity, Website Design & Build
Industry: Technology 

Going to head-to-head with the big boys

IVO is a small Auckland based technology implementation partner, that specialises in helping companies with a large mobile workforce manage their teams and resources more effectively. IVO partners with large companies like Oracle, and often competes with large multinational companies for implementation contracts. While IVO can deliver a level of expertise that is greater than or equal to these large consultancies, IVO’s key differences are its responsiveness and its personal approach – advantages that come from being a smaller, more agile company.

So when we created IVO’s brand identity, we wanted to play on their strengths by designing a logo that was vibrant, obviously non-corporate but still very professional.

This logo symbolises the change in business process that IVO can facilitate, but rather than use mechanical or structured images, we used a ‘flower’ device to illustrate this point. Imagine a flower opening up one petal at a time as the sun shines on it – in essence IVO provides companies with the ‘sunshine’ that allows companies to fully blossom.

The rainbow of colours also gives the logo a ‘friendliness’ that you don’t find in a corporate environment. And we chose a font that had a subtle technology feel, which tied in with the IT based solutions that IVO work with.



"The Right Hand Man team worked closely with us to ensure we capitalise on our business opportunities in the fast growing market we operate in. The RHM team provided every aspect required to achieve this. From logo design and a clearly defined Business Positioning exercise we really gained value and new business through working with the team."

Adrian Cathcart-James