Services: Business Positioning, Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Action Plan
Industry: Construction and Entertainment

Kiwi Flush Brand Positioning gave us something to go on

At Right Hand Man, we really enjoy it when a new start-up business comes to see us. Often, all they have is a great product or service… they don’t even have a name yet. Such was the case with Kiwi Flush.

Director Joe Spooner had spent more than 20 years as a professional sailor, racing for the likes of Team New Zealand and Oracle. In his travels to such sporting events, Joe had used his share of portable loos and knew the difference a clean, tidy toilet could make to the overall enjoyment of an event.

So when Joe and his wife, Melanie, decided to start a family, they took the opportunity to start Kiwi Flush - and provide Auckland’s booming construction industry with the supreme toilet-stop experience.

Right Hand Man started with a Business Positioning workshop. Joe needed a descriptive yet funky name, so he liked and kept the name Kiwi Flush. We then developed the logo and even helped Joe and Melanie decide which colours the toilets should be (a key element of the brand, when every toilet on site is also an ad for Kiwi Flush).

We designed and built a website with a clean, fresh, uncluttered look. And we developed a suite of sales documents that they have used to successfully book their toilets on to construction sites all over Auckland.



“It's really cool seeing our toilets out there on site when you consider we really started with nothing, thank you Right Hand Man!”

Joe Spooner
Kiwi Flush