Pinpoint Business

Services:  Business Positioning, Brand Identity, Website Design & Development, Advertising & Promotion, Advise & Act Programme
Industry:  Professional

Improving business performance for small business - sounds familiar.

Pinpoint Business specialises in helping small to medium sized businesses improve their performance across a wide range of key business disciplines. Their office is located in Waikato, but they do service clients across New Zealand.

Bob and Judy, the founders of Pinpoint Business, first came to Right Hand Man because they were looking for a marketing company they could refer their own clients to. After some discussion, they decided that perhaps we could provide the same expertise to their own business!

When it comes to working with small business owners to help them grow their businesses though, we shared a lot with Pinpoint. Their absolute passion and determination to help their clients felt eerily familiar, and so we found ourselves equally committed to helping Pinpoint Business get the word out.

Our first job was defining their position in the market and identifying how to communicate this more effectively. We adapted the business name to better reflect this position, and set up a logo based on the existing brand look and feel to keep the costs under control.

Then we developed a more engaging website, that explains more accurately what it is that Pinpoint does to help small businesses and we provided guidance on how to get the word out to both client and referral opportunities for ongoing growth.

Pinpoint Business is already making serious gains into their local market, and Bob and Judy are extremely excited about the opportunities they now have for growing their business. Not only have we been able to provide great support to Pinpoint’s business growth plans, but given their working relationships with a number of small businesses, we’re happy to know that some of their new marketing expertise will be passed on to other business owners around New Zealand.


Here's What Pinpoint Business has to say about working with us:

“Daniel and his team at Right Hand Man have been exceptional.   Not only have they given us great insight and support in reaching and engaging with our customers, they have taught us a great deal about the marketing process and have acted as a fantastic sounding board for our overall business strategy.  Judy and I are now using Daniel as a mentor to support our ongoing business activities.”

Bob Weir
Pinpoint Business