Services: Business Positioning, Action Plan, Website Design and Build, Brand ID
Industry: Consumer Goods


A couple of mates are sitting around having their regular coffee catch-up. But one day that coffee doesn’t taste so good. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know they’ve come up with the idea of starting their own coffee company. Being a bit mischievous themselves – they christen the new venture Pirate Nation!

They need to get this coffee company off the ground and they turn to Right Hand Man for marketing support. And we duly oblige.

First we wanted to find a clear position – something that was going to make this coffee stand out in the mind (and tastebuds) of the consumer. The answer was f***en fresh! Delicious fresh coffee that was roasted to order and shipped immediately – rather than coffee that was roasted and maybe stored in a warehouse for a few months losing its fresh flavour.

Next job – creating labels with special characters that told the pirate story across their different blends. We also put together business cards and helped design and create content for the Pirate Nation website – check it out at www.piratenation.coffee

On top of all that, we conducted a series of qualitative research that involved tasting the wide variety of blends they had created. The insights proved invaluable as they helped Pirate Nation narrow down their options into a top 3.

Then it was the not-so-small matter of creating an action plan – a 6 month promotional calendar that would take Pirate Nation to the masses. The boys are now in full swing, selling their delicious fresh ground coffee and planning their foray into the coffee pods. Plus we’ve done our bit to help – promoting Pirate Coffee across our existing business network. PS. If you’re a coffee fan make sure you try some – you’ll never look back.



“We worked with this bunch of slippery gypsies for several months and they were indeed a good find and fit. They actually listened to us, heard our story and it also made great therapy for us. Real coffee was something that had become an addiction to us and Right Hand Man, managed to get inside our heads and turn those confusing mass of thoughts into a very simple plan and take it to the World as “Fresh as Fuck” Coffee. I believe we achieved that without having to spill any blood…

Pirate Nation thoroughly recommend Right Hand Man as your Right Hand Men and Women!”

Brent & Gary
Pirate Nation