Rachel Hill, Coach and Mentor

Services:  Business Positioning, Marketing Action Plan, Brand ID, Advise and Act, Sales Training, Car Signage, Website Design, Build and Copy, Website Video and Photography, Google AdWords, eDM Series.
Industry: Coaching and Mentoring

Rachel Hill, Coach and Mentor

“If you’re not jumping out of bed, eager to get to work and the week ahead, you need to talk with Rachel Hill.”

Rachel is a career coach and mentor. Some people dread going into the job they have every day. Rachel works with people one-on-one, ‘digging down’ to identify goals, uncover blockages and get them moving ahead.

Rachel came to Right Hand Man because she knew her brand needed a boost. She also knew she needed an effective marketing plan to bring in new business and some tools to go with it.


Business Positioning

We started with a Business Positioning workshop with Rachel to find out what made her business unique. The resulting Business Positioning document and the Marketing Action Plan that followed would form the basis for everything we did from here on out.

  • Brand ID - a new, modern logo
  • Website Design - Armed with a new logo, we designed, build and wrote.
  • Website Video and Photography
  • Google AdWords campaign
  • Direct email campaign
  • Branded Car Wrap
  • Advise and act
  • Sales training in areas to help qualify and close new and potential leads




"When I approached Right Hand Man, I was struggling to devise an effective marketing strategy that would help me grow my coaching practice.  Richard, Jo and the team at RHM Marketing worked on positioning and branding my coaching practice. 

They worked hard to understand and articulate my unique selling proposition and then orchestrate the right marketing activities that generate a steady stream of clients who are the perfect fit for my business. 

I know the team at Right Hand Man put the interests of my business at the heart of the work they do and, as a result, have created a strong partnership that benefits us all.  Knowing they deliver on the marketing promises they make, I am free to focus on those aspects I am good at.  I am so glad that the Right Hand Man team is a part of my business."

Rachel Hill
Coach and Mentor