Services: Business Positioning, Action Plan, Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, eDM Template 

Tell me a Story

Have you ever though about recording your life story? After all, it’s an important part of your family’s history. So why not preserve it for your children, grandchildren and future generations?

The hard part, of course, is knowing how to start. That’s where Telling Tales founder, Carolyn Harris, can help. Carolyn is a Life Story Coach - she provides a range of storytelling services and resources, so you can share and safeguard your story so your family can enjoy it forever.

Thing was, as a business, Carolyn needed a hand telling her story. So she approached Right Hand Man because, while she knew her business had legs, she needed help with her marketing.

As we do with most start-ups, we began with a Business Positioning workshop during which we dug deep to learn about her specialist skill set as a life coach and story teller. We wanted to find out what made Telling Tales unique, and what Carolyn’s goals were.

Once we completed the Business Positioning we drew up an action plan, formalising her marketing strategies for the next six months, with regular reviews.

We refreshed the Telling Tales logo with a new colour palate and supported it with the new Essence Statement: Stories told forever. We then refreshed the website, weaving in copy from the Brand Positioning.

We also developed an eDM template so Carolyn could communicate more regularly and effectively with new and existing customers. The first marketing campaign was an eDM announcing the refreshed website.